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ICAO Working Group-F Meeting Final Report
(PDF) The ACAST Project participated at a meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Working Group F (Frequency – Spectrum Issues) in Malmo, Sweden. There, a working paper updating the SBT Project’s 5 GHz Sounding/Channel Usage Study was presented. This effort appears to be the only viable attempt currently in process to produce a usage definition for the channel. Timely definition is essential for WRC-07 planning to ensure that all delegations to the conference know that the aviation community intends to use the band. The ICAO WG-F members appeared to be particularly interested in this study. It was conveyed to the members that according to current plans, the usage definition for the channel would be complete in mid 2006. A copy of the Final Report is available here; note sections 3.4 and Appendix K (refers to ACAST modeling effort) and 2.3 (5 GHz band discussion).