National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

ACAST Projects

NGATS-Airspace Test Facility at NASA Glenn Research Center
Modeling, Simulation and Emulation Environments; Airport Surface and Airport Regional Control Operations Testbed; CNS Test/Evaluation Facilities; Mobile Information Network Research Facilities

Benefits Assessment of Reduced Separations in North Atlantic Organized Track System
(PDF) Summarizes an investigation of benefits enabled by reducing the horizontal separations between appropriately equipped oceanic flights on the North Atlantic Organized Track System (NAT OTS), prepared by Almira R. Williams, CSSI Inc., Advanced Programs, for NASA Glenn Research Center.

ACAST Aviation Certification and Business Case Project
(PDF) Part II Final Report, Certification Roadmap Report to NASA Glenn Research Center (Prepared by Aviation Management Associates Inc.).

Multi-function, Multi-mode Digital Avionics (MMDA) Reports
Collection of reports (PDF): ACAST Aviation Certification and Business Case Project-Draft Certification Roadmap Report, MMDA Architecture and SC200 Integrated Modular Avionics Analysis Report, MMDA Relevant Military Technology Assessment Report, MMDA Relevant Standard and Working Groups Survey Report, Multi-Modal Digital Avionics for Commercial Applications, Survey and Assessment of Certification Methodologies Report.

CNS Architectures & Systems Research & Development for the National Airspace System
(PDF) Robert Kerczewski, 2004 IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 2004.